1WebCalendar Application verson 2.5
One server/application license
You must agree to the following terms when purchasing the application

Benson IT Solutions, Inc. is referred to as "Seller".
Person buying the application is referred to as "user" or "you"


You may use this application on ONE server for ONE application,
ie ONE School calendar, or ONE event scheduler.

You AGREE TO NOT redistribute this UNENCRYPTED application to others.

Preserving the data stored in the 1WebCalendar application is the
responsibility of the user and the user agrees to NOT hold the seller
responsible for any data loss or system problems.

The unencrypted version WILL WORK in its original format, 
(TESTED on NT IIS 4.0 CF 4.x with IE 5.x)
but you could cause it to stop working if you change the 
code so keep a copy of the original download.

If you need another copy because yours is broken
(you changed it and did not keep a original)
email me and I will send one out to you
(must be same email that paid for it).

Please refer other interested parties to this web page, or to the 
page for information on cold fusion, custom tags and the 
1WebCalendar application. 

The 1WebCalendar system is designed to provide easy web scheduling
of multiple calendar events.

This app is distributed OPEN SOURCE so you can custimize the look and feel
to fit in with your site. 
Copy Right Benson IT Solutions, Inc. 2001-2002